Friday, 22 February 2013

85% complete! Just a little more to go...

Almost there! Everything is starting to come together. I completed the shoulders.

Here's what they look like unpainted


They were done using pepakura as a guideline for my foam cut outs.

I got a cheap leather glove and painted it the same way as the rest of my armor by using Dupli-Color Vinyl and Fabric as a primer and then orange automotive paint.


And I installed a segment of green LEDs into the circle thingy.

Then I grabbed some old leather boots I had laying around that I never really wore.  Painted them orange to get my Samus shoes!

Oooooo... Shiny....

And here's what it all looks like so far!

 What I have left is:
 1) Fibreglass and finish the helmet
2) Install the lights into the whole suit and also the helmet
3) Sew together the jumpsuit underneath
4) Attach the upper leg and upper arm armor to the jumpsuit so they don't slip (they are slipping in the pictures) 

I imagine I will be completed all of this in a month or less! So more updates coming along with the finished suit.