Friday, 30 November 2012

Getting things started

So here is the reference pic!

Basically, there's a few different methods for going about making something like this.

First method is using a computer program called Pepakura, which takes a 3D model and then can convert it into 2D which you can actually print out on paper. Looks something like this.


You print the 2D pieces using cardstock and glue them all together which gives you the 3D model!

Lots of people paint the cardstock with fibreglass resin to give it extra strength and then coat the outside with bondo or some type of automotive filler. They then sand away and the bondo which gives them a nice smooth, durable surface which can then be painted and sealed.

There's also approach number two.

This method uses pepakura but instead of using cardstock, the 2D images are used for patterns to trace out onto foam. EVA foam. The type you see in gyms or in little kid kindergarten classes that all fit and are all colorful and what not.

Looks something like this:


Fairly thick stuff. The one in the picture is 3/8" thick. It can be molded into different shapes with heat so it can molded to curve or wrap in whatever way you need.

I decided to go with this method. Foam is a lot more flexible then the fibre glass method and also a lot more light weight.

I'm only using pepakura for specific pieces though. Like the shoulders bells. Everything else I'm doing free hand by tracing the pattern out onto poster board then using that as the pattern for the foam.

Here's my shoulders in progress; using pepakura


All these pieces need to by glued together to make the shoulder. Doesn't really look like much now.

Why not use pepakura for the entire costume you ask?? Good question! It's because if you look at Samus, her proportions are totally warped.

Her shoulders and chest are super huge and very broad. Her head is SO tiny. Her waist is like mega thin. And her legs are scary long.

It would take a ton of tweaking to be able to get the correct proportions for everything and it's extremely time consuming. So no. No pepakura for that.

So I started off with the easy part - which I think is the arm cannon.

I took poster board and wrapped it around my arm to give me an idea of the correct length and width I wanted the cannon to be. I then took that pattern and transferred it onto some foam.

I don't have pictures because I decided to document my progress after I made that part but all it really is, is a square piece of foam which I rolled up to make a tube. I used the heat gun to heat up the foam so it kind of rolled up by itself then connected it with hot glue. VoilĂ ! A tube! This is the base of your gun!

That's what it looks like glued together. To get the curvature part at the end I used pepakura to help me get the right shape. Then connected it all with hot glue. I made two circle things on the side of it and will add more detailing with craft foam because it's not as thick as EVA foam.


 ...and here it is detailed and ready to be painted! Just waiting on some stuff I ordered from Amazon so I can start painting it...

Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hi all!

So I recently got into cosplay a few months ago when I made an Assassin's Creed costume for an Expo and for Halloween.

I found out that I really love to make costumes! I had such a blast making my assassin and when it was finally completed it was like this crazy feeling of accomplishment that I've never really experienced before. And it was AWESOME.

Here's a pic of me wearing it to a convention:

 The blades were made out of ball bearing slides that slide out when I pulled on a string (connected to a ring on my finger). They made a really awesome metal noise as they slide out =)

But at the same time I was all done my costume and it's like this hole and emptiness set in... So I decided I could fill it by making another costume!!

...Now what to make?... I wanted to try something completely different and more of like an armor type thing. Well I gave it quite a bit of thinking. At first I thought Ironman! - Ironman 3 was coming out in a while and I could possibly have the costume done by the time the movie releases which would be really cool.

But I'm also a girl and about 5'5. So I would be a generally short Ironman which actually isn't really all that bad considering I don't think Robert Downey Jr. is that tall. But I also considered that EVERYONE and their dog is making an Ironman costume so I wanted to go a slightly different approach.

So I came up with... Samus! As you knew from the title of this blog. She's a strong, courageous woman who kicks ass and kill aliens. And also, there really isn't a ton of Samus costumes out there. Lots of girls have done the Zero suit but I wanted the FULL armor. I also played Metroid Prime back in the day on Game cube and loved the game! So Samus it is.

Basically I just want to write about how I will make the costume, what obstacles I might face and what I like about the whole thing.

I started taking pictures of my progress and will start posting them!