Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hi all!

So I recently got into cosplay a few months ago when I made an Assassin's Creed costume for an Expo and for Halloween.

I found out that I really love to make costumes! I had such a blast making my assassin and when it was finally completed it was like this crazy feeling of accomplishment that I've never really experienced before. And it was AWESOME.

Here's a pic of me wearing it to a convention:

 The blades were made out of ball bearing slides that slide out when I pulled on a string (connected to a ring on my finger). They made a really awesome metal noise as they slide out =)

But at the same time I was all done my costume and it's like this hole and emptiness set in... So I decided I could fill it by making another costume!!

...Now what to make?... I wanted to try something completely different and more of like an armor type thing. Well I gave it quite a bit of thinking. At first I thought Ironman! - Ironman 3 was coming out in a while and I could possibly have the costume done by the time the movie releases which would be really cool.

But I'm also a girl and about 5'5. So I would be a generally short Ironman which actually isn't really all that bad considering I don't think Robert Downey Jr. is that tall. But I also considered that EVERYONE and their dog is making an Ironman costume so I wanted to go a slightly different approach.

So I came up with... Samus! As you knew from the title of this blog. She's a strong, courageous woman who kicks ass and kill aliens. And also, there really isn't a ton of Samus costumes out there. Lots of girls have done the Zero suit but I wanted the FULL armor. I also played Metroid Prime back in the day on Game cube and loved the game! So Samus it is.

Basically I just want to write about how I will make the costume, what obstacles I might face and what I like about the whole thing.

I started taking pictures of my progress and will start posting them!

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