Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Working with Foam

So I've just been working on getting all my foam pieces cut out.

For the most part, I just use poster board to kinda "sketch" out the shape I want then I cut it out and hold it up to myself to see if it needs to be smaller/bigger or just altered.

Here's the upper arm bands...

It needed some detailing so I added some EVA foam.


Unsanded VS Sanded

Attached to the main part and ready to be sealed, primed and painted.

And here's the red chest part.

 Green LED lights will be added in those eye-lookin' slit things.

Then the back piece...

And the back piece with the jet packs in progress...


Looks very Buzz Lightyear-ish... Yeah definitely going to paint that red.

And now here's the under-chest-piece-thing that is going to be painted gold.

  And now the back piece... with jet packs!

But yes, all of these pieces look really goofy right now because they aren't painted. The packs of fun foam I bought had to come in a variety of colors... Damn kids.


  1. how did you make the front chest piece? is there a pattern you followed or what measurements did you use to make the chest piece?

  2. Destinee,

    I did it completely free hand. This means I took some paper and held it up to myself, cut it into a general chest shape, and then trimmed and shaped it while holding it up to myself. For stuff like this, it's a good idea to make a duct tape dummy of yourself. You can google how to make one. It really helps with torso and back pieces that are hard to see on yourself.

    Hope this helped!