Saturday, 15 December 2012

Samus Shoulders

Shoulder Bells!

I wanted to work on one of the harder parts of this costume which is the huge shoulders. I needed to make sure they were lightweight so I'm going to make them out of foam using pepakura.

Here's what all the pieces look like


Now it was just a matter of gluing them together in the right order.

It's a good idea to have pepakura open while you are gluing these pieces together and to know the exact orientation of the piece before applying glue.

The end result was this


The blue and orange is craft foam. After it's Plasti-Dipped and painted I'm going to poke holes in the craft foam and get some LED's to poke out to get a look like this:

So I'm off to paint this!

Here's a couple coats


Looking ok. Not as smooth as I would of liked it. The Plasti-Dip needs to have multiple light coats or else it gets bubbles. I will probably do 1-2 more coats then seal it with clear spray then hand paint the black parts on it. 


I wanted to smooth the edges more, I didn't like how rough looking they were so I took a dremel and did a rough sand then hand sanded the rest.


Going to repaint it and use bondo on the slits for a more smooth look. 

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  1. Can't wait to see what the completed shoulders look like!