Monday, 15 April 2013


Eeeeeee!! I'm done! 5 months of work with lots of time put into it, some frustration but a lot of reward. Here's some pics of the completed suit.


I have just a few minor things I want to tweak (ie. the helmet fogging up and the knee plates) but other then that, this costume is Comic-Con ready!

I'll be putting up some more pics of the suit with some tweaks and upgrades but I wanted and also hopefully get some professional pictures taken!


  1. This is so amazing! I hope my samus costume will be as great as yours, but probably not ^.^

  2. sorry dont mean to be a fick but its samus aran not samus varia

    1. The suit itself is called the Varia Suit. This blog is about how to Make Samus' Varia Suit.

  3. This is absolutely amazing!!! I will be starting my own soon and was wondering about a few things. How did you adhere the armor pieces to your jumpsuit? Also when taking it on and off, did you have to do it in multiple pieces each time, or all at once?

    1. I used mostly Velcro. There was actually a bit of a step by step process of putting it all on in the correct order. It may differ from how you built your costume, but I can tell you my process.

      I started by putting the black spandex suit on. My first armor pieces to go on were my thighs. The attached to the suit with velcro hidden inside the leg thigh piece. You can also use a parachute clip hidden underneath as well. And because there's also a full circuit of LEDs running through, I also had to attach my wiring to the pieces as I put them on. But this may be different for you, if you decide to have seperate batteries and a circuit for each armored piece.

      I then put on my lower leg (calf) armor, hooked up the lights and it velcro'd it at the very bottom (or else you can fit your foot through the bottom)

      I then put my shoes on and lower legs were done.

      Things got a bit tricky here for me. The abdomen is all attached. So the underwear part and the abdomen were one. Now, to be able to pee, I cut the very bottom the the armor bikini thing so it opened up down there (weird, but necessary for long days. Also keep in mind my spandex suit had a zipper down there). To keep the separation together while I was out and walking around, I used velcro. Also because it is separated here, It means I don't have to pull it up through my legs, but rather I can pull the whole thing down over my shoulders. There is a zipper going up the back of the abdomen piece that I zip up after it's on.

      So now that my undies/abdomen piece is on I can put on the chest/shoulders which is all attached together. The yellow "rib" part the covers your chest is seperated but this is hidden underneath the red chest thing. So once I contort my arms in and slip the shoulders and chest over my head, I close the gap in the front yellow chest piece with velcro and then lay the red chest piece over and velcro that on.

      Hard parts done, now it's just the bicep armor, forearm armor, hand cannon and glove.

      Wow, this ended up being a lot of information that probably makes 0 sense lol.

      Once you start, shoot me a message on Facebook, and I can help you and send you some pics to help explain what I'm talking about.

      Good luck! Hope this kind of helped :)

  4. How many hours did it take to build start to finish do you think?

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