Friday, 3 May 2013

Completed Costume Pictures

Hey all!

So I had a super awesome time at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo where I got to wear my Samus costume for the first time! It was amaaaazing and I totally felt like a celebrity!

I entered the costume contest and because it was my first time I've ever entered a contest, I got put into the Novice category where I won Best Costume! It was truly an amazing experience and I hope to inspire others to make some power suits for themselves so they too can experience what I did!

Here are some pics of my completed costume at the expo!



Here is a video by Will Phan giving his definition on what cosplay is. You can find me at 1:32
Thanks Will!

And another video of the costume contest
Thanks to seacanman for that!

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  1. How did you attach the shin pieces? And also, where did you get your boots?